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Welcome to Maui!

 Please reach out for available options.



 Regarding finding kosher products in stores: Since Hawaii is a part of the U.S., you will find the same Kosher symbols here as you would in your own supermarket at home. 

You can buy Kosher products from the following stores on Maui, Hawaii:

COSTCO (Kahului): Occasionally ( but not reliably) carries Cholov Yisroel Cheese and Kosher pastrami ,Empire chicken Sabra Chumus, Lox, Rye Bread and many more Kosher products.

SAFEWAY (Wailuku, Kahului, Kihei and Lahaina): Small Kosher section. 

WHOLE FOODS (Health food store in Kahului) Large selection of Kosher products, mostly Pareve.

MANA FOODS (Health food store in Paia): A large variety of Kosher Pareve products, worth the trip.

There are many wonderful FARMER'S MARKETS around the island that have great prices and delicious fresh produce.

Kosher wine is available at WALMART (Moscato from Bartenura), COSTCO has a Hertzog and Bartenura available. Additionally,  ALOHA DISCOUNT LIQUOR at Rainbow Mall in Kihei has a small selection.


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