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Kosher Food on Maui

Kosher Food on Maui



Aloha and welcome to your prepared Kosher meal options on Maui. 

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As Chabad on Maui we offer a variety of prepared kosher meals, depending on availability, as a service to locals and visitors. 

This service makes homemade, gourmet, kosher meals accessible to the Jewish population and funds our outreach activities on the island. Every kosher meal ordered here helps bring another Jew closer to his/her kosher roots.


We are not a restaurant so please keep that in mind when placing an order. The earlier you place your order, the better prepared we are. Either way, we love having the opportunity to provide you with a taste of gourmet kosher foods even when you are thousands of miles away from your favorite kosher establishment.


Our Shabbos package is meant to ensure your "Shabbos Culinary Experience on Maui" will be lavish, plentiful, heimish and delicious.  Shabbos Menus are created every Wednesday afternoon and can be emailed upon request. Every Package includes a bottle of wine or grape juice, 2 freshly baked challah rolls, 2 fish portions (for night and day meals), a salad, 3 dips, 2 main meat/poultry dishes (for night and day meals), 2 sides, a piece of kugel and dessert.

All of our meals are prepared same-day and the hot portions are double wrapped so you can reheat it. If you'd like for the food to be microwave safe packaged, please indicate so in your notes.


We'd love to get feedback from our guests. Please shoot us an email and share with us your thoughts, feelings and ideas.