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  • Tisha B'AvTisha B'Av is the day we mourn the loss of the holy Temple by fasting and prayer.

    We will read Aicha together on 8/13 at 8:15pm @ the Maui Mitzvah Center in Kahului.

    We are also holding Shacharis services on 8/14 at 8:30 @ the Maui Mitzvah Center in Kahului.

    Feel free to call Mendal @ 504-344-2143 with any questions.
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When his people broke the deal and incurred divine wrath, Moses told G‑d, “Forgive them. And if You do not, erase me from Your book that You have written.” Meaning: “I know You want to forgive them. You love them no matter what. You loved them before, when they had all but abandoned You in Egypt, and You love them now as well. It’s only this book that stands in the way. And if so, I want no part of such a book.” It was then that G‑d wrote...
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