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  • Tisha B'AvTisha B'Av is the day we mourn the loss of the holy Temple by fasting and prayer.

    We will read Aicha together on 8/13 at 8:15pm @ the Maui Mitzvah Center in Kahului.

    We are also holding Shacharis services on 8/14 at 8:30 @ the Maui Mitzvah Center in Kahului.

    Feel free to call Mendal @ 504-344-2143 with any questions.
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We are all connected, like a single, fluid mass, and this is why we are able to help each other change. When one of us begins moving forward, everyone else is pulled along. But if you yourself are standing still, how can you expect to push someone else ahead? If you need to help someone else overcome his fault, first find that flaw within you. Move forward in that area, and...
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